Blacksheep of the Family

by Hanno van der Bijl

You broke the unspoken rule of the family –

Written on our faces:

the downcast eyes

the silent cries

When the walls came down

There was no one left to blame but You.

You rocked the boat

It felt like life was better back in Egypt,

Why did You bring us into this wilderness to die?

So I gave you the silent treatment

Angry and confused

I did not fast, I raised a fist against You

I did not pray anything to You but profanities

I wanted to quit You forever

You spoke the truth

But it hurt.

Blissful ignorance was better than painful honesty

And though I try I can’t deny

There’s no going back now

You have the answer

You blew the whistle for good reason

You are the most loving member of the family

You are the Hero we’ve been waiting for

Thank You