by Hanno van der Bijl

The scorpion waves encompassed me

grabbed me by the ankles

their pincers, dragging my body across the floor

All was darkness

All was confusion

Unseen forces pounding me from every direction

My head came back out into the light

and saw you running and diving in

I thought, “Everything will be ok.”

We were both up to our necks

Together we floated to stay alive

I did not fear for you were with me

It felt like forever but I made it to shore

But you almost died in the ocean that day.

And now we’re drowning again

Unseen forces pound us from every direction.

I’m diving in – that’s all I can do

When will the next wave come to take us ashore?

When will we be delivered?

Come O, Come O Wave

You pulled us into this

Now push us out.