Eternity Tense

by Hanno van der Bijl

eternity tense

We live in the past,
Our life is found there –
Before the foundation of the world
“You can’t change the past” –
I beg to differ
The past can be bought back
the past can be transformed
the past can be washed
In the Blood

We live in the future,
Our city awaits –
At the end of this age
“You can’t tell what tomorrow will bring” –
I beg to differ
The future invades the present
the future draws us inexorably to itself
the future was, and is, and always will be
In His hands

We live in the present,
He is here –
The Power from on high
“We live in the tension of the already and the not yet” –
I agree
The present is grounded in the past
the present looks more and more like the future
the present is where faith and hope come together to fall
In Love