Until Then


If you were to give me a religion of grace,
I would adhere to it –
an ideology of realism,
I would subscribe to it –
a philosophy that stands the test of life,
I would believe it –
a politic for the poor,
and I would fight for it.

If you could show me a prophet who preaches with compassion,
I would listen to him –
a priest who sacrificed himself for the faithful,
I would sacrifice myself for him –
a king who rules with justice,
I would pay homage to him.

Tell me about a father who loves me, not for what I do, but for who I am,
and I would love him –
a spirit who makes my tumultuous heart a peaceful home,
and I would let him in.
If you would but show me a god who nursed at his mother’s breast,
I would trust him –
a man who was tempted like me and didn’t fall,
I would respect him –
a Godman who died for me,
I would die for him –
a Son of God who left his Father’s throne to descend into the darkest depths of hell,
I would go anywhere for him –
a martyr so righteous death itself could not hold him,
and I would hope in him.

Until then,
give me the divine community that is
God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.