Hanno van der Bijl

Tag: hope

Breathe, for Boston


Breathe, don’t sigh
Breathe, sit still
Breathe, it’s time
Release your will

Breathe out shame
Breathe in grace
Look within
Seek my face

Breathe out pride
Breathe in freedom
There’s no need
To hide again

Breathe out darkness
Breathe in light
Fill yourself
With all my might

Breathe out doubt
Breathe in faith
Take my hand
You’ll be safe

Breathe out despair
Breathe in hope
Hold on fast
To the rope

Breathe out hate
Breathe in love
Guard your heart
From above

Breathe for life
Breathe again
Breathe and smile
Breathe, Amen.


What Tomorrow Will Bring


This world is pregnant with the next
Bulging out for all to see
Everyone looks in expectation
When will it come?
We watch, we wait, we work
Pain comes and goes
It rises and falls
It grows tense then eases its grip
Each time it feels like the world will end
And, yes, part of it does end
Faith pushes from behind
Hope pulls forward
Love stands fast
In the here and now
Transforming this world into the next