Hanno van der Bijl

Tag: shame

In Vain

in vain

It’s frightening, isn’t it?
You’ve been taking my name in vain,
for years now.
You’re angry, I know.

You’re scared, abused, deceived;
you feel ashamed.

I’m not going to destroy you;
though, that is what you deserve.
I challenge you to know me,
to find out who I really am,
who you really are.

Take courage because
one day you will enter into joy.
Your life has been given to you;
Don’t take it in vain.


Such a Sinner


“Well, you’ve messed it up so bad
You even shocked yourself
And hurt the ones you love.
How could you do this,
how could this happen?
You’ve been stuck for so long
Passing each day with more dread than the last.

“Pride has blinded your eyes
Guilt has stopped your heart
Hurt has numbed your bones
Shame has covered your face.

“See now why you’re afraid?
See now why you’re angry?
You’re such a hurt sinner.
Come, and be healed.”

Face Me


I know it hurt. I know it was hard.
I’m amazed that you’ve come this far.
I don’t expect you to jump back from this right now.

I know the weight of the shame –
and all the lost hopes and all the lost dreams.
Seems like forever when you last felt free.

No one can change this
No one can help you
This mountain won’t budge
This wall will not move

That is,
Until you look up,
and face me